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 Welcome to the Placer County On-Line Permits Portal

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Welcome to the Placer County Permits Portal

This portal allows you to view the details of Placer County's building, planning, engineering, sewer and public works permits.

You can view information on all active and historic permits as an anonymous user. We trust this will provide you with a high level of service that makes living and working in Placer County a more enjoyable experience.

Please note that archived files for permits (pre-2004) may display limited information. You may contact (530) 745-3000 to request additional details. You can also perform records searches for land development permits HERE.


We are our expanding our online offering in the following areas:

  1. Planning Entitlements can now be submitted electronically. Click "Create an Application" under the Planning Permits Section. Full application filing instructions can be found on the Placer County Planning Services website.
  2. In order to apply online for a Building Permit or Planning Entitlement, you are required to register for a free account. Your account will provide you easier access to your submitted applications, including the ability to upload corrections, revisions, or new project documents where applicable.

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